No idea to some idea

Being involved in this fellowship for two months, thought me a lot of new things, as well as different learnings every single day.

At the beginning, of the fellowship, I really had no idea what the training, is and what this could do for me and other friends of mine.  Slowly was able to get an idea or the picture, of what it was by asking the questions, related to the fellowship, through our facilitators, Mr. Michel, Miss Neha, Miss, Sneha and Namitha, who actually guided me and my other friends, to understand what the fellowship is, in the field of teaching, and how do I guide my fellows whatever I was thought by my facilitator, and  this three people helped me to understand how the teaching is done, what are the skills that  a teacher use while teaching, how do they  teach the students  and notice everything of the class as well as outside of the class, what are the methods that a teacher use while teaching, his or her students, what do they observe, and learn the mistakes out of that, in the beginning of days, I felt bit boring, on listening to all the lesson planning, because I never thought the hard work of teacher, one who teaches, by attending this classes, really gave me an understanding, why a lesson plan is important in a teaching method, before even I used to do teaching I never really looked at the lesson plan before, I get into a class I teach the students related to the topic and come out, after attending this classes I learnt a lot about the teaching, feel happy that I was given a free training on all this. With all the learnings that I got from them, I was able to apply it in my teaching style as well, and, guide my fellows with whatever knowledge that I gained from my facilitators, I am now able to share that knowledge with my fellows. Even Friki courses and program management was really helpful to me to understand why that sort of method is important, overall it was new learning for me, on knowing what the fellowship training does, and mean, I learn something new, and teach my fellows, and we become a supportive people to each other’s, in sharing the new knowledge with others.  Ambika