Mothers love

The first love I have experienced in my life is my mother’s love. My mother’s love is so precious to me because from the time I was born I have been with my mother and I have a lot of wonderful memories with her. I always think I am blessed to have a mother like her. When I was small I loved my mother feeding me with her own hand and then only I used to be satisfied with my hunger. Even though I used to torture her by not eating the food, not wearing clothes, and not taking bath; my mother with patience made me do everything. I used to be scared at night but when my mother is with me I had confidence that nothing is going to happen to me. My mother always helped me to grow like others and be a good person. My mother’s love is the biggest love that I have ever gotten in my life from others. My mother is my inspiration and my motivator in my life because I only believe in her more than anyone in my life. I always think in my mind that no one in the world loves a mother to a child.