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Adolescents constitute an increasing percentage of new HIV infections both in developing and in developed countries. The epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS in the adolescent population requires a wide range of expertise to provide specialized primary medical, mental health, and case management services. But a glance at the HIV programmes in the world would reveal that first of all there is no scientific data of what happens to adolescent CLHIV and secondly there is a dearth of clear strategies and programmes to take care of the future of these children.

Snehagram, the second phase of Sneha Care Home is a model programme, which aims to fill this gap. It is a model vocational training and rehabilitation centre for adolescent children living with HIV. The programme, has the facility of accommodating 200 children and the children will be provided with optimum opportunities for academic learning, vocational skill development, acquiring life skills, and developing values for leading a responsible sexual and social life.

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