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Adolescence is a memorable time for all of us: A time when we are showered with love and guidance by our families, protected from every difficulty and given opportunities to develop our full potentials and make independent decisions. But, for all the Children in India living with HIV, stepping into their adolescence, this is only a dream because most of them are deprived of parental guidance, need-based education, skills that will open the doors of employment opportunities, life skills and values that will guide their personal and social lives.

We have a dream for all these children and we have taken the initial steps to make this a reality. But we know that we cannot accomplish this dream by ourselves. We need your support to develop and run this programme. The step YOU take today will enable us to develop a model programme for adolescent CLHIV and ensure that all these children have a secure future.

You may want to join us in volunteering, advocating, fund raising, or personally supporting the various needs of our children.