Persistence and Patience: My Experience with Ranipet Marathon

On December 25, with my friends, I left for Ranipet after lunch at 2:45 from Snehagram. I was so happy when I was listed as one of the members leaving for Ranipet and I had been training for 10k for fairly some time. Having reached Ranipet I felt thrilled about the run the next day. Though it was a bit hard for me to sleep on the floor initially I got along with it fairly easily. I had to wake up early in the morning to freshen up since there were only a limited number of toilets. I was ready and I received my first 10kmarathon bib I was so happy to see my first bib but at the same time, I was nervous about the run.  At 6:30 am my run started and I was in the first line but after some time so many runners passed me by but I didn’t give up I kept my pace and continued. Arriving at the 8th km lap I was worn out and wanted to give up but a runner who was behind me encouraged me to run faster. As I reached the finish line, I was really surprised to see my own best timing. I felt happy for having achieved this feat and the feeling can’t be put in words.