Ranipet Marathon and the Impressive Takeaways

Ranipet Marathon 2021 took place on 26 December. There were different categories such as 5k, 10k, 21.097k(Half Marathon), 42.195k (Full Marathon), and 42.095k(Cycling). Snehagram Family received the invitation to participate in the run and we trained for the run. Every student was committed to the training and the workouts. Each one competed to themselves and improved their personal best timings. On 25 December afternoon, we traveled to Ranipet and rested well as it would help us for the run the next day. The next day morning everyone got ready and started warming up for the run. At 6.30.am the 10km run and at 7.00. am the 5km run started respectively. Everyone did their best and finished excellently with amazing timings. Snehagram students took everyone by surprise with their impeccable finish and wonderful timings. We helped ourselves with the delicious breakfast that followed. After a while, the prize distribution ceremony began and Vijay Kumar won second place in the open men 10km category and Mallava gained first place in the women category. Saravani came in second place, Bharathi finished in third place and Meghana completed in fourth place. In the 5km category, Akhila won first place and Suhasini came second followed by Anu and Ambika as third and fourth positions respectively. It was an honored moment for Snehagram as 9 of us won the prizes. The joy and happiness the students experienced were beyond words. Snehagram was officially honored by the Jolly Boys club for its commitment and consistent training. In the same event, they appreciated and recognized the efforts of Babu Seenappa for completing the 100 day 5km challenge. We visited the nearby hill after the event and the view was enormously wonderful. We returned home with lots of memories