First, my holidays were on the 1st of May, that is soon after my exams. So I was in a hurry to pack my bag at midnight because my last exam finished very late and I missed my bus so I was very late to Snehagram. So packing in at midnight made me feel very tired and I lacked my sleep. So being this, I stayed with my brother in Bengaluru in his room. I stayed for 2 days with him and I enjoyed visiting his workplace which is in Kodthi. My brother booked 2 bus tickets for me and for him to Bidar. The tickets were booked for the bus at 8 pm. And we had a lot of time remaining so we planned to go to a movie in Majestic, which is near to the bus stand. We went to watch the KGF chapter2 movie and I really loved it because I went to a theatre after a long time and to my favorite movie which I was waiting to watch. After the movie, I went to a restaurant and had a plate of Biryani and I was satisfied and full because this was also after a long time. Then I got the bus and there was no problem so I had a great and long sleep. Then I reached my home and refreshed myself and had lunch. I again slept at home in the afternoon. So during the time of my holiday, I used to be more at home due to heavy sunlight and used to go at night. This time I didn’t spend my time with my friends because they all had their exams and I didn’t enjoy my holidays much. But my big brother used to take me out to have something and this time I ate a lot of non-veg. So this time I met my Snehagram friends and spend a good time with them. So I spent my one month time with my family members and I really loved staying with them. So I got ready to come back to Snehagram and I booked my bus. Even staying away from home was a happy moment because I had my friends with me. So I reached Snehagram with much enjoyment and enthusiasm.