Pratibhimba Camp

From 10th to 13th of June 2022, we conducted the Pratibimba camp at Snehagram with the KNP+ students. The Pratibimba camp was also one of the important ones because it was conducted with and by the Snehagram students. This camp was of 3 days where I built and learned many values and skills. This camp also provided us with an opportunity to create new friends and build new relationships with the KNP+ students.  The camp had begun with a speech by the Director of Snehagram, Fr. Teji, and then with that, we started the camp. It was filled with lots of fun and enjoyment. Each activity and sessions were new and existing for all of us. There were also so many Beautiful movements that I really enjoyed. In this camp, I also got to know more about the different types of problems that HIV youth are facing in today’s world. This camp was also memorable to me because this was my first camp where I joined the other student. I had put my best to make this a special one. This camp gave me an opportunity to be one among them. I am very thankful to all those who organized it.