My Christmas Eve

In December, I was planning to travel by train with my friend.  To Mangalore for Christmas celebration. It was the first time, traveling by train, and had no idea of traveling by train. I did not know that it was always better to arrive at least half an hour before to arrive the scheduled departure.  I just arrived before 5min before the train was scheduled to leave the station. It was a long queue near the billing counter; slowly I brought the ticket, slowly climbed up the steps, and reached the platform, by the time the train already left. I was terribly upset and did not know what to do but my friend had booked a ticket online and she was on the train. I asked others near the platform, and then they told me that tomorrow in the morning. So I decided to sleep on the platform but after half an hour, my friend got down in search of me. After few minutes, a Friend luckily found me. I was relaxed from the anxiety. And we stayed that night at the platform. In the morning, we traveled back to Mangalore. It was a learning experience for me, to travel next time.