Fellowship brings learnings


In the beginning days of this program, I had no idea of what fellowship is all about? But by being part of designing this whole program I was able to understand the structure and the function of this fellowship. There was lots of excitement and motivation in me for learning and exploring something which I had never been part of, but at the same time, my mind was also running with different doubtful thoughts towards the success of this fellowship. In few days of this program, I was able to calculate the learnings and the experience that I would be able to gain by being part.

My learnings

I have few years of experience in the field of teaching. I practiced 2 to 3 methods of teaching which I used in my class. The main objective of mine was to complete the module and to give more focus on passing students. But through the class that I had from TFIx, I was able to analyze my teaching methods and to use the proper style of teaching to make each and every student understand.

I learned the skill of professional development and community organization.

I learned to build vision and objectives for my class.

I learned the concept and the usage of the Culture of learning and the planning for the class.

I was able to refine my thoughts and ideas on leadership and responsibilities towards my fellow members.

The sessions which were conducted by different facilitators helped me to enhance my knowledge of HIV and learned some facts related to it.

Counseling was a misunderstood concept for me because I had a feeling that counselors identify all the weakness and the challenges that I am going through and look done upon me in other aspects of my life but the lessons that I learned from counseling is that it is one of the most important aspects in any one’s life. Through counseling, one can be confident and know the strengths to cope up with challenges. I feel that sharing is actually healing.

During these 2 months of fellowship training, I have gained dozen of learnings and self-development skills. It was also an opportunity that was created for me to improve on soft skills and technical skills like Program management skills, leadership skills, organization skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, coordination, and teamwork.

The 2 months of fellowship training were fun-filled and active learning which is very important for me in my strong career development.   Kalesh