Make use of Opportunities

The word fellowship is something that I heard one year back. If someone utters the word fellowship I meant that it is also something related to scholarship or I thought if we join this program, I get money. But I had interested to join this program so I joined the fellowship course. Before joining I had a mixed feeling in my heart. I was confused about whether to join or not. Even though I had mixed feelings, I joined this course. After I joined, sir and my colleges gave brief interdiction about the program then Michal sir, help me to understand what is really fellowship means. And also he shares about his experience in fellowship and what it meant for; he came to class and shared and explain what is fellowship and if we join what are befits and the opportunity available for us.

Then in the class, I learned a lot of things related to the fellowship. The first class was like interdiction and other than Snehagram students they were also other students who joined this program; I made myself comfortable and relaxed my mind. We share lots of things in the class. This helped each one of us to learn about various things like helping students, guiding the students.

For me, fellowship is something I acquired lots of knowledge and not only getting knowledge but also share this knowledge with others, who need it. Fellowship thought me, how to help others, guide others, share this knowledge with others this means lots of things to me. I not only develop myself or acquire things from others but also give back those learning for the course. Fellowship is beyond earning and job placements.                  Chitra