Journey of Fellowship

On January 26th we started the fellowship training by the inauguration and by welcoming the fellow.   We had  R. Baby, father Johnson, father joy, Michel sir, Elvis sir, and father Mathew, Neha madam, and also Nikhil sir to start our program in collaboration with TFI.  So I start my journey throughout these two months, in the beginning, I  was a bit confused about what is this all about and I did not know what will happen in the coming days. When sir, began taking the class it was boring for me because I already attended that classes in previous years too. But some of the things were new to me. Michel sir took a class on HIV /AIDS and also this program how it will keep going this three month. as sir took classes on HIV/AIDS it was interesting to me because I wanted to know more about HIV/AIDS.

And then we class on lesson planning by Neha madam it was really interesting and helpful for me because I learned what are methods of teaching so that it was very helpful class from Neha mam. And then we experience shared by Vishal Anna and Meena Akka, they both shared their fellowship training experience it was nice to hear about their experience that they went through, and then we had a class on a case study about this student in Snehagram it was good to do case study on this children because it was to understand the children feeling and their family background. And also then we started doing the lesson plan on what we are going to take in the coming years, by doing this lesson plan I learned a lot about who to teach the students and what are the methods of teaching. And now recently I learned the Couse called firki Couse that Couse thought I me to who to teach students and what are courses in firki.

This training thought me a lot about HIV/AIDS and lesson planning. And also we had a class on grammar and counseling that also quick interesting to learn about the basics of grammar and counseling. It was a good and nice experience. In these three months, I learned a lot thank for all support from mentors and Michel sir, and all the supports who supported me in all ways.      Shruthi