Fr. Biju Farewell


The farewell of Fr. Biju marked a poignant moment for the Snehagram family, as he had been a steadfast pillar of support and care throughout his one-year tenure with us. The love and kindness he generously bestowed upon us will forever be etched in our hearts. Fr. Biju set an unwavering example of hard work and dedication, particularly through his active involvement in our gardening activities.

His diverse skills and exceptional teaching abilities enriched our lives with newfound knowledge and capabilities. Even when our enthusiasm waned, Fr. Biju’s consistent motivation and active participation us ignited our interest and helped us complete tasks promptly. Engaging in sports and games with him became cherished memories for us. Regardless of the sport, Fr. Biju always joined us, providing guidance and enhancing our skills and teamwork.

In addition to his many talents, Fr. Biju showcased his culinary skills by cooking for us on special occasions, consistently adding to our happiness and well-being. His unwavering support and camaraderie made him an integral part of our Snehagram family. As we bid farewell to Fr. Biju, we do so with gratitude for the profound impact he had on our lives and the indelible memories he leaves behind.