TISB Students Visit

The visit of TISB students to Snehagram was a unique experience for both groups. The primary objective was to expose TISB students to a different way of life, and the Snehagram students went above and beyond to make their guests feel welcome.

On September 2nd, the day started with a mountain trek, a new and enjoyable experience for the TISB students. After capturing scenic views, everyone returned to Snehagram for a delicious breakfast. The TISB students were then divided into groups, participating in planting vegetables, cleaning the cowshed, and working with poultry—an entirely new and hands-on experience for them.

Later, the students collaborated on a “Go Green” painting project. The TISB junior mentors taught Canva to Snehagram students, fostering a beneficial learning environment. After educational activities, everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch and engaged in quality conversations. The TISB students presented a cultural program, and there was an informative presentation on HIV by Babu Sir from Snehagram.

Friendly sports activities followed, including football, cricket, and volleyball, and snacks were served before the TISB students concluded their day. Overall, it was a day of learning, sharing, and enjoyable interactions for both sets of students.