Feast of Fr. Bacil

On the 2nd of Jan 2023, a feast celebration was held at Snehagram in honor of Fr. Bacil’s feast day. The celebration was attended by Fr. Bacil, Fr. Sunil, Fr. Biju, and the children of Snehagram.

The celebration began with Fr. Bacil cutting the cake and sharing sweets with the children. The children then put on a program to rejoice the day. They showcased their talents through various performances, which included singing, dancing, and acting. The program was a huge success and received a lot of applause from everyone present.

After the program, Fr. Sunil and Fr. Biju spoke about Fr. Bacil’s amazing contribution to the community. They praised him for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of the children of Snehagram. Fr. Bacil then spoke and shared his love for the children and how he enjoys celebrating with them every year. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for making the celebration a memorable one.

The day was filled with good vibes and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The feast celebration was a testament to the love and camaraderie that exists within the Snehagram community. It was a truly joyous occasion that will be remembered for a long time.