Sing out a Loud


Earlier in the week, it was announced that Teacher Maya and her students were coming to Snehagram on Sunday. I was a little disappointed that they were coming on Sunday since it is typically a relaxing and entertaining day. When Teacher Maya and her students came, we started by introducing ourselves, and then her students did the same, I learned a lot of different people’s names at that time. Teacher Maya’s students then helped to teach us the basics of singing and were very supportive when we started practicing the song together. I was shocked that they were not shy to interact with us and spoke with us happily. They had a lot of confidence in coming forward to sing. I was a little nervous to do the same since I didn’t know the lyrics to the song yet. It was nice to see Snehagram filled with children singing together, we had a lot of fun together. They encouraged us to dance, and we joined them, it was interesting to see and learn their different dance steps. After practice, it was time for our lunch break. After our lunch break, we had planned to play, but we saw that it was raining which made us think that we would not be able to. Then unexpectedly the rain stopped, and we were able to play football together outside. I was very happy to play with them- my team scored many goals, and we encouraged the other team to compete with us. After playing outside, I thought about how we could keep in contact with Teacher Maya’s students, and I had the idea of using Gmail to chat with them. Teacher Maya’s students were very kind and humble to us and made my Sunday relaxing and entertaining as usual!