Bangalore Challenge


When I heard there is a run on July 24, I was very excited. It has been a very long time since I have been to a marathon, so I decided to go for the 10 km. Unfortunately, my Coach, Babu Sir, said that I was not trained to run the 10km, so I could not go for the 10 km run. So, I started practicing for the 5k run that was being held in Bengaluru. I felt I was a lucky person to be selected for the run. Finally, the time for the run came. The day before the run I traveled from Snehagram to Bengaluru. On the day of the run, I started by doing my warm-up. I really enjoyed doing the warm-up which was like a dance. The run started with good weather which supported my running. The road was up and down, and I was able to defeat many people. It was easy to run the first 2.5 km. While coming back it was easy, but the road was like a slope, and I felt like I was falling down the road. I finished my run with good timing, I felt that my running had improved since the last time. After the run, I had an appetizing breakfast and especially enjoyed drinking coffee with my friends.