Pongal Festival Celebrated

This is an occasion when people come together with their family and friends to celebrate the harvest and hard work of farmers. It is a festival mainly observed in southern states and we can also see it celebrated under different names, throughout India. Snehagram family celebrated the Pongal festival with the girls from Christy Girls Home who joined us for the festivities. The lively Pongal decorations added color to the celebrations. A much-awaited item was the Pongal rice which is a distinct cuisine for the season of Pongal. Sr. Lourde superior of Christy Girls Home helped us in preparing special Pongal rice. “This was the first time I celebrated Pongal with so many new friends;” says Arpan. The students helped in the preparation and some of them were writing down the steps as they were keen to learn how to cook it. In the Meanwhile, we shared sugarcanes among ourselves and everyone enjoyed it. The Pongal rice was served later on and we shared it together as a family.