Dasra UK: HIV Care Initiatives

The proposed project fits fully into the framework of national and local policies and strategies aimed at promoting education, equal opportunities, and inclusiveness, for the most vulnerable groups, including gender, and supporting the integration of youth living with HIV, into mainstream society. Since its inception, the project is designed to educate, enable and empower HIV-positive youth to own the program. The proposal itself is a direct result of a series of meetings with youth living with HIV. The program will serve as a useful platform to help them to stabilize their lives, and their employees and to help them to lead meaningful lives. SCT will identify the steps that will enable owners of the Hubs and Spokes and multiplication of the Peer Leaders. SCT will document the best practices and share the experiences with Government, Corporates, and other donors to scale up the learning and action to empower HIV-positive youth to lead a healthy and stable life. The project since its beginning looks forward to sustaining the efforts, by building the leadership of youth and ownership of the partner institutions; hence more than 40% of the project cost is raised by SCT and partner institutions.

Dasra Induction Program: HIV Care Initiative: Sustaining lives amidst the COVID crisis is a Dasra-funded project implemented by Sneha Charitable Trust. The key interventions of the programs are Health, Education, Livelihood linkages, and Gender-related concerns to ensure children living with HIV are able to build a meaningful, sustainable and healthy life. The project works with 3 districts of Karnataka to empower youth living with HIV to improve their own quality of life with comprehensive physical, nutritional, social, and psychological care, through peer support.   On March 2, 2022, we inaugurated and conducted staff induction training for three days.  The induction training included a small session on introduction to the history of the HIV care program, methods to address challenges at the community level, and to identify beneficiaries in the state of Karnataka. Staff Roles and responsibilities were well defined through the induction program.