Celebrate Life: Camp Organized

Snehagram organized January 14 and 15 camps under the banner Celebrate Life for the children of Christy Girls home. Fr. Teji, Sr. Lourde, and Dr. Micheal, were present at the official inauguration of the camp.

The following were the objectives of the camp:

  • To bring two communities together
  • To understand the life in a simple form
  • To learn life-oriented topics
  • To focus on fun learning and spending time together
  • To identify, the hidden talents of children.


We started the camp with ice-breaking sessions. We looked at more fun learning sessions than in a classroom setting and the focus was mainly on the topics such as teamwork, health and hygiene, sharing and respect, communication, decision making, and anger management. The mentors and fellows along with other trainees managed the sessions.  The participants showed active interest and their feedback helped us with the assurance that the camp filled them with positive vibes and added insight and clarity to their thinking process.