First Semester Exams

Before the Annual exams, we conduct preparatory exams for the students as this would equip them to write with confidence and at the same time, they would be ready with many answers to the questions because they would have attended most of the previous years’ question papers. This practice helps the students to score good marks in their annual exams.

Experience note: I was a bit tense because these were my first exams of the year. It was not very easy to remember what I studied. I studied every subject without fail but I was not able to answer any questions according to my expectation since I got mixed up and confused at the time of writing my exams. I could barely pass any exams. This made me realize that I wasted my time without really understanding what I read and tried to mug up at the last minute which did not help me pass my exams. My teachers and mentors didn’t give up on me, they gave me tips and ideas as to how to prepare for the exams. I kept up my efforts and spent enough time with the books. I was happy as I did better in the second mock exam. I now have only a month leading to my annual exams and I know the importance of time and I wish not to waste my time. I study hard and I am looking forward to scoring good marks in the annual examinations.