Camp Sunny Smiles Knowledge Day

Knowledge Day

Knowledge is power. We can always use knowledge as a weapon in society. It is hard as many find it hard to study and score well in the examination due to the style of learning. There is a number of ways a person can acquire knowledge and information.

Today’s major goal was to learn out of the book through various fun-filled activities. The teams were very well prepared with their speeches on the topic life of a student. Each team member explains so pleasantly and every speech has something new and interesting. There were so many good poem writers and it was only a duty for the judges as every poem was so unique and lovely.

Spell B was one of the activities liked by many, this has really triggered the minds of the student and at the same time, it was funny hearing the pronunciation of a few words. On the other side, there were many, who was talented and bright-minded people who brought in many points to their teams. Learning the spelling and increasing one’s vocabulary was seen in the word arrangement game, where every single alphabet will be separate and the team members had to arrange the letters and make the given word.

In the afternoon Quiz was conducted, the contents were displayed a week ago and every team was studying really hard as this activity was vital for their point sheet. No team was weak and none wished to give up, everyone answered all the questions and this worried the organizers if there would be many winners. But after all the tough competition the team Agni won by beating one of the strongest teams Prithivi.

It is amazing to see as on the first day it was the team Vayu leading, the second day they were defeated by team Varuna and today It is the team Privithi taking the lead.  This has really tough the teams that no one is to be the winner always, and those failing will not be failing always, the time will come for their win, it only the patience and hard work.

“You defeat me and I defeat you but that is only in the game we never will never be defeated in our friendship” Says Sridhar the leader of the team Agni.

Tomorrow is a very big day as it is Sports day and sports is really the most loved by all the students of Snehagram. It will be the day to finalize the two teams for the finals in Football and Throw-ball.