Camp Sunny Smiles Creative Day

Creative Day

Creativity is hidden in every individual; it comes out only when the opportunity is given. Today’s topic was creativity, and the main objective was to bring out the creative mind of the students. Day and night they spend preparing and planning for this big day. The day was kick-started with clay modeling as the first activity, all the teams molded different structures but it was very disappointing for the team Varuna as they really expected the win, and sincerely the team Agni doesn’t know how to express their joy after winning unexpectedly.

It was a feast to see very creative sand art, every team makes different art using only sand and the color combination that was presented had uniqueness.  Many feel that waste is a waste but here is a guy who says that waste but worth it, after all the teams created meaningful art using extremely waste things. The team that built a boat using plastic bottles and clothes won the judgment. Everyone loves to pause for photos but how many really create the pause and design the style of the photo, this was the activity in which the teams had to create a photo pause with all the creativity they have. It was startling to see Akhila from the team Vayu win the competition as they created a scenario of horror.

Do you want to find out the strongest of Snehagram for the year 2021? Here are a few who say I am the strongest but it never is accepted by the others, so to find the strongest arm wrestling was conducted. It was conducted for boys as well as girls, each boy came forward and tried his best to beat the others. Finally, only 2 had to decide among themselves, the fight was very strong both didn’t want to lose but finally only one can win and that winner from the boys was Ramesh and girls’ side was Nirmala. “Yes you are strong but I challenge you I will become stronger,” says Ranjan who took second place.

The noon hours were filled with balloon activities, it was colorful to see and joyful to play. The leaders became hot with their team members in the balloon caterpillar game. The members in the back always lost the connection, it was hard to see the leaders blaming that few members, but after they recognized that the problem doesn’t get solved by shouting but by discussing. After that discussion, the performance was much better.  The students loved the balloon smash game, as they had to fill balloons with water and smash on others.

The highlight activity was to water spill, the team had to fill the bucket with water bypassing with the plate on their head. Believe it or not! All the students were completely soaked with water. They shout and expressions was beautiful and funny to see.

The day has taught enough lesson to the teams, the team Agni lost 10 marks due to their discipline and it is no good news as that points really matters in this high competition within the teams. The losing teams in throwball weren’t as happy, it made them blame the ground and the team. It is certain that they will come up with better statics for tomorrow’s match.  It is really nice to win and it is very painful to face the loss says Chaitra, today is a bad day for me but tomorrow I promise to make myself and the team do better. All have been eagerly preparing for tomorrow which is knowledge day.