Camp Sunny Smiles Environment Day

Environment Day

On the 6th of December 2021, the camp under the banner Sunny Smiles (SS) begins. The main objective of the camp is to bring relaxation and entertainment to the students in Snehagram after the semester exams. It is 6 days camp, and each day focuses on different themes, namely, environment, sports, arts, creativity, fun, and knowledge day. All the students in Snehagram are divided into 4 groups with team captains. Every individual has been early preparing and waiting for this special camp to begin.

The first day’s topic was the environment; all the activities were related to nature and the environment. The first activity of making a stone statue began after the uproar and screaming the slogans created by the teams. Natural art was the followed activity, making use of the natural items teams were asked to prepare something. It was amazing to see them come up with very creative and innovative things and the team Vayu won after making evolution art using the dung of the cow. It was very impressive as the teams create the best weed man, making use of the unwanted plants. It is also a way to eradicate the bad plants from the campus. Making colage using again the nature stuff was hard to imagine but the teams rocked it by putting up their best piece of colage. This was one of the hardest for the judges to finalize the winners, and the winning team is very lucky as they won with only .5 marks.

The best next amazing activity was collecting the plants and naming them, the students even after being on the campus for a long weren’t able to get a few plants as they wonder if that plant ever existed in Snehagram.

“No matter we win or lose, I will surely be a good competitor to you,” Says Prakash the captain of the Varuna team. It was not sure if all loved all the day’s activity, but certainly, all loved the movie time in the noon and especially watching their favorite language movie (Kottigobba 3). The shouts in the TV hall gave the effect of a cinema hall.

The first-day league competitions began, each team performed well and surely the winning teams were very glad and vis versa the other teams.

The complete day was indeed new with its activities and all the team really cooperated and enjoy it to the full extent. All are eagerly waiting for the next day which is Creative Day.