Our Experience in Snehagram

Karunaprabha T. George.

One month has gone so early. It’s all been good experiences being here. I am blessed to begin my MSW career in Snehagram as my first Internship. When I came here, by itself I fell in love with Snehagram, Beautiful place, Healthy food, Friendly peoples and some of them are peculiarities with Snehagram.

Within one week I was able to build a good relationship with the students. They are all very welcoming. What I felt was girl have more mood swinging issues.  They sit sadly for a long time. What I wonder was that, these student are stayed together for more than 6 or 7 years. Still they express that they do not trust others. It is one of major issue. How they can live without trusting each others? Another thing that I noticed was they usually get into the fight for silly reason [in case of girl].They is not ready for an adjustment. Among the boys they are more attached to one another. Most of them have their best friend and they share their feelings to them. When we compare them with girls, the fight occurs between them was less .Even though the fight won`t last long.

Most of the student is not much interested in counselling.Some of them were not ready to share anything whereas some of them open alot.  The other thing that I noticed wasthat they are not interested in psychology test and other activities. They thinkthat it was wasting their time in between there are student who thinks verypractically and have good characteristics. Hoping to come back again.                                                                             Karunaprabha T. George.


It was learning experience to know more about the students. As we were part of frequency individual care plans. We got chance to talk to each student including boys and girls. We came to understand that most of the girls are attention seekers as well as they always wanted more care from others. They also fight for simple reason and some of them really sensitive for small things. They are worried about their beauty than their career and future. I also got chance to interact students mentor group. They are really focused; especially boys and they find acceptance from the society as main problem. They are really friendly and approachable. They like to work as well and also learn something from the practical Leaders. They are more influenced by movies. Some inspirational movies can change their views. They are also not interested in counseling and psychology test. They think it as irritating activity. Some of the girl students fight and will last for long. They find it very difficult to solve their problems and also to forgive. Most of them live in an imaginary world where they make their own stories and tries to believe as real story .They always want better thing than their friends.

Boys are more practical than girls. They solve their problems very easily even when their friends

Are hurt and they felt sad .it was good to experience their views and wants to be their sister [akka] again?