Mr.Aby.M.Michael’s Write up

Beauty of Snehagram

I am happy and privilege to be in Snehagram and working with beautiful gifted children. Personally, I feel Snehagram as home away from home. I really wonder the great work of God showing through the Camillians fathers especially in healing ministry. Snehagram is second phase of Sneha Care Home, in which children are   mainly focus on their education, livilhoods and life skills training. Presently Snehagram is following child parliament system in which, children themselves manage all duties and responsibilities. This system can improve their leadership qualities, self confidence and natural talents. All the activities in Snehagram are based on eco-friendly .Through this children are enjoying the wonders of nature and its beauty. It really works in developing each child in future. In order to respect the environment, children are doing organic farming, and showing the world that according to the need, nature is providing everything and we must respect and love the nature as it is. Here children are aware of their health status and ready to telling the world that, nobody can neglect or discriminate, on health issues. Because as one of the   Snehagram child says “HIV is just English alphabet, which is not fear off”. Yes, this is the real beauty of Snehagram.

                                                                                         Mr.Aby.M.Michael                                                                                                           Program Coordinator