A month in Snehagram

When I came to teach English for the young buds of Snehagram I did not think that they would become part of my thoughts and my life so soon. As days passed, I came to know them closer. So my approach to them as a teacher has also become very personal. Now I understand their common difficulties together with their personal strengths and weaknesses. The thing I like most in them is their ‘childlikeness’. As students they have a long way to go, but I am satisfied with their sincere efforts to grow. I pray and hope that their aspirations and dreams become a reality in their own individual capacities. It is not only the children who are enchanting here; but the beautiful nature, the fresh air and the community as such are very conducive to live. It is really a Sneha Aaramam.

Shaji George

Shaji George,
Principal, Snehagram.