Sharon Johnston’s visit to Sneha Care Home

Sharon Johnston

Sharon Johnston, the First Lady of Canada came to visit us on February 27th at 9.00 am. We all welcomed her with a beautiful smile. Some of our friends got a chance to share about their life at Sneha Care Home and Snehagram to her. After the welcome program some of us danced and sang songs. She was so happy to see our performance. We celebrated her Birthday together with some of our friend’s birthday which falls on the month of February. We are very thankful to Mrs. Sharon and the team who arranged this wonderful meeting. We all enjoyed this special gathering.

We started our Journey from Snehagram to Sneha Care Home at 5.30 am and we reached there by 7.00am. After finishing our breakfast we were chatting with our friends and waiting for Mrs. Sharon Johnston. When she reached Sneha Care Home, we welcomed her with flowers. She walked around the campus and saw our class rooms with some of our friends. We arranged a small cultural program in honour of her. She enjoyed with us. She celebrated her birthday with our friends who celebrated their birthday in the same month. We had a nice time with Mrs. Sharon Johnston and team.