Building a Greener Snehagram

Trees and Bio-Diversity at Snehagram

When we came to Snehagram on month of June 2013, there were few trees here. The whole area was full of grass and bushes. We started to plant many trees and plants. We all are taking care of them. We are watering them, plucking out the weeds and we also give our love to them. Trees have a very important role in our life. Without trees we can’t live. Because it gives us fruits and different kinds of things like wood, paper, etc. Trees give us shade, shelter, food and money. Money in the sense, by way of the products which is given by trees. We have different kinds of trees that will give us different types of products.
We all are facing a problem now. That is, we are polluting our environment day by day. Without trees it is very difficult to live on earth. Trees give us oxygen to breath. So let us plant more plants and trees to make this world a better place to live.

“Greening” Snehagram

We can’t live without trees. They are useful to us. They give us shelter. Birds make nest on the branches of trees. If we sleep or sit under trees we get cool air and we feel very nice to be there. Trees give fruits and different kinds of products. We can make many things from trees like medicine, pencil, woods and books. Trees breathe carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Nature looks wonderful when there are a lot of trees. That is why we planted a lot of trees in our campus. We regularly pour water to our trees and we take care of them with love. Slowly we are building a greener Snehagram.