Julie Experience

Julie and I worked as volunteers for three weeks at Snehagram from 25 th November 2019 to 20 th
December 2019. We stayed at the little guesthouse in front of the football field. Snehagram is
surrounded with beautiful nature, flowers and trees. All the food we ate at Snehagram comes
from the garden of Snehagram. We were so impressed by how all the kids participated in every
part of this place. They take their history, knowledge and interest in everything they do and they
do it to the fullest. They inspired us to be more interested in them and helped us to be more eager
to learn. We are so impressed!

We are so thankful for all the conversations we had with each one of them. The people who
works here were eager to share and learn, and we leave with a ton of new, exiting knowledge.
Quickly we realized that activity and sports was a huge part of this place. We played football,
volleyball, basketball and handball with the kids every day, and had so much fun. The teenagers
are trained in English from day one and it´s easy to communicate with them. We do feel there is
a room for improving their grammar and spelling. We did not know what to expect when we
came, but we are so positively surprised and leave humbler and have all the best wishes for
Julie and Marie