Sunny Smiles Camp -2023


The Sunny Smiles Camp, held from October 26th to 28th, 2023, was an extraordinary three-day event for the children at Snehagram. It provided a well-deserved break and an opportunity for fun and relaxation following their exams. This camp was a unique experience for the junior mentors as they took on the responsibility of organizing and managing it for the first time. With the guidance and support of our senior mentor, Mr. Babu, and the entire staff at Snehagram, we worked tirelessly to make it a memorable and successful event.

The camp kicked off with a high-spirited Sports Day. The students were divided into two teams: Team Daisies and Team Orchids. The day was packed with exciting activities, including long jump, high jump, running races, tug of war, and many more. From the very beginning, Team Daisies took the lead, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.

On the second day, Arts Day brought a burst of creativity and joy. The program included singing competitions, dance-offs, fancy dress contests, and various other cultural activities. Team Orchids displayed their talents, earning praise and accumulating a commendable score.

The final day of the camp was dedicated to a day of adventure and fun. Early in the morning at 4:15 AM, mentors and staff accompanied the students on a memorable trek to the nearby mountain. This experience allowed the children to connect with nature and build lasting memories. In the evening, a barbeque gathering was held, where students, mentors, and staff came together for a delightful meal, strengthening their bonds.

The Sunny Smiles Camp was not only a source of entertainment but also a valuable learning experience for the junior mentors. They successfully coordinated the activities, managed the students, and organized various functions. It provided an excellent opportunity for personal growth and development.