Visit of BSW interns


5 BSW students came for a 30day internship. We were very happy to host them and were glad about their performance. They were involved in our day-to-day activities.

Snehagram is a place of love and compassion. As a social work trainee, the internship at Snehagram was a fantastic experience that provided me with numerous learning opportunities that will be highly beneficial in the future. This was taught to me by Snehagram. The people there are fantastic; they did not interfere with our activities and cheerfully assisted us with our tasks. The most important thing to obtain is opportunities. Snehagram is a place where we can understand that we have fewer problems around us and are finding difficulties there. In Snehagram, we saw that the difficulties we are going through are nothing. The trainees obtained significant insight into how a social work institution in a medical setting should operate, as well as the opportunity to remain and interact with HIV-positive youngsters. Within the constraints, the trainees could take advantage of possibilities and contribute everything to their fieldwork. Throughout the placement period, the trainees received continual assistance and direction from the agency’s director, administrator, agency supervisor, and other mentors.