10th Results


After the arrival of the exam result, I got to experience long-awaited freedom. ‘ You are independent to do what you want or what you desire. No more morning alarms, getting ready for college or assignments and projects, Nothing! Now you can invest time in something useful like start-ups or internships.’ This was amazing to see myself very happy and free, but that only lasted for a short time until when I heard about the announcement of the 10th results. I started to run in fear and anxiety to know my results. A few of my friends came running to me and they were shouting with joy that they had passed the 10th examination. Again this added more fear to my results. I rushed to the computer lab and all the laptops were engaged. I jumped to one of the laptops and entered my enrolment number, the internet was slow due to the use of many users. Every second it took to load, my heartbeats went faster and I was almost wet with sweat. Words aren’t enough to express to say the feeling I experienced the moment I saw the marks and found that I had passed the examination. It is indeed a unique joy. I was so thrilled and glad.

Most of the students passed successfully with good marks.