Annual Exams


15 students wrote their secondary examination and 30 of them appeared for the senior secondary exams under NIOS in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. All the students had been preparing well by putting all their effort into studying.

It seems interesting to pen a few lines on my experience during my annual exams. I was appearing for my 10th-grade board exam. I read a lot on the previous night of the examination day. I revised my entire course. As the first bell rang, I had already started answering the questions. My hands started shivering initially but became steady gradually. Attention was diverted often to others. I was instead able to answer all the questions; I was happy with my performance until I came out and started discussing the answers with my friends. They started discussing the answers, they had written to various questions and a small debate began, fighting to claim their answers were correct, many clarified by looking into the textbooks. Seeing and hearing this bothered me a lot in my answers. The happiness started fading away slowly and I started getting tense. I was now really worried about my marks. This interesting and unique experience shall always be remembered and recollected by me in my life.