Women’s Day Celebration Organized

This day was very special for all the girls at Snehagram as it was women’s day. We dedicated the day to all the women and a free run was organized. Many students took part in the long-distance runs and many completed 13 -15km of run. The experience of running long distance was fairly hard because several of us tried it after a long time. Later that day many experienced aches and pains in their muscles but we were moved by the words of Prakash; as he said “this pain is nothing compared to the pains the women face every day in the society”.  It was amazing as all the boys prepared a card for the girls in Snehagram with their names on it; most of the boys sat until late at night to complete preparing the cards. At the time of breakfast, the boys gave the cards and wished all the girls here in Snehagram. Every girl while receiving the card looked happy and pleased. We had a throw ball match soon after the breakfast as for the women’s day special and all participated actively. It was indeed a happy day to celebrate and we owe our respect to all the women for their contribution to society.