Bangalore International Hubba

This BIC’s vision was framed by a group of like-minded civic leaders, educators, professionals, government officials, artists, academics, and thinkers, who felt that Bengaluru deserved an institution that encouraged the intellect, facilitated open dialogue, and stimulated the senses. This Hubba was to bring together like-minded NGOs and create space for promotion and be able to raise funds. It was a privilege as Snehagram got an opportunity to showcase its works and to interact with other NGOs. Those who represented Snehagram numbered 5. We posted our pictures, and banners and displayed reports of videos on television. We tried making it more interesting and thought-provoking. We also had candles for sale, and it was one of the centers of attractions at the event. There were more than 80 other NGOs who had set up their counters as well. It was a unique experience for every one of us as it gave us an opportunity for us to explain and promote our activities. Many came forward to learn about our NGO and quite a few bought the candles. Later on, we went around exploring other NGOs and learned about their activities. I and my friend Sahana went to different counters and listened to them their stories while we also shared ours. “One of the things I learned from this exposure is that by partnering we can reach out to many”, Says Meghana. This hubba is a great initiative as it gives the opportunity to display our work and relate to many others.