Report of 3 weeks

We have just completed three weeks of our fellowship journey and it has been a journey of learning new skills and sharping the existing abilities. We as trainees continue to wait for each session with enthusiasm and look forward to adding value. During this week, we focused on improving our communication skills, knowledge on various acts that impact the lives of HIV-positive children and youth and sharpened our counseling abilities. The sessions brought in lots of new information and challenged us to review the existing knowledge/ abilities. As we look forward to working closely with the children and build on their knowledge, skill, and mindsets, we feel, it is important for us to be connected with them. No doubt, counseling is one non-negotiable skill I need to build on, highlights one of our fellows. It is the first time I have been exposed to JJ Act and I know that my commitment to ensuring the child is safe would always be my priority, adds another fellow.

While on one side the classes have kept us busy, on the other, working as a team and on the student module, has kept us active in our free times. This work has helped us to take a break and focus on what exactly we would like the children to learn. Looking forward to another week of learning and a reduced number of theoretical classes and more activity-based.