Best Stories

Prince v/s Beggar
One day in a street of Ramanagar there ruled a king named Sanjay and he had a son known as Bangara. King’s son was handsome and proud of himself. One day king asked his son “why don’t you take a ride and look our kingdom Ramanagar”. Oh yes father I will. So Bangara rode the horse and started observing how his kingdom is. Many people and children of his village were surprised to see their handsome prince and started to talk about his handsome face. They offered him 3 times food if he was tired they gave him bed and made him sleep on a most silky and cotton bed. When he woke the next day he saw himself in a street house bed. The prince thanked villagers and started his journey. As he was riding the horse he saw a beggar sitting on a footpath side without clothes only with underwear. Prince saw and gave him whatever he had thus the beggar was same as Bangara. The prince became beggar.
Moral: Give whatever you have.

My mother and her dream
Once upon a time there was a way as little girl named as Jeena. She lived with her mother and her little sisters. Jeena was a very brave and courageous girl, she always stood for justice, she was very helping to others, she respect’s others and she loves her mother the most than anyone in the world. Jeena’s mother was a house wife who worked for her little children. The money which she was earning was paid for the studies of Jeena’s. But there was one weakness in Jeena; she didn’t like to study just like her mother. Jeena always used to go to school but comes back without learning anything. So her mother feels so bad and tries to convince her daughter to study well but her trails failed. One day Jeena went out to play with her friends. When she came back she saw her mother lying on bed. Jeena was worried and asked her mother what happened to her and her mother didn’t even say a word. Jeena was so angry and asked her little sisters what happened to their mother, they said “sister, our mother is diagnosed with cancer” and was stop dead and had no words to speak, her tears rolled down from eyes and she goes to her mother and says “ Ma why do you have to be cursed like this?. I can’t see you in this situation” and her mother’s response was simple she said “Jeena this is not a curse, this is a lesson for you, a lesson for me” Jeena was surprise d “it’s you feel bad because I am sick but do you realize there are so many people suffering like me,”. “My dear , I have a dream that one day you will become a great doctor and look after the sick and help them but you say you are not interested to study.” Jeena feels so bad she says: mother I will study and fulfill your dream.” Jeena started studying hard and she wrote her exams and passed. Jeena’s mother dream became true when she started working as a doctor. Jeena also build her own hospital for cancer patients. She also wrote a book on “my mother and her dream.”
Moral: Never disobey your parents.