Magic Bus Training

Introduction to Skill Training

The Magic Bus India Foundation spearheaded a collaborative skill training initiative aimed at empowering individuals with essential skills crucial for personal and professional growth. Participants delved into a diverse array of learning modules encompassing English language proficiency, goal setting, interview preparation, and computer literacy. Moreover, engaging activities such as festive celebrations and marathon participation provided additional avenues for skill enhancement. Under the guidance of dedicated facilitators including Mr. Alijaan, Ms. Prathima, and Mr. Lazar, participants received invaluable support, ensuring access to vital resources. The program’s culmination witnessed numerous participants securing job opportunities, showcasing its transformative impact.

In essence, the Magic Bus training initiative was tailored to empower individuals with the necessary skills and confidence for success in both personal and professional domains. The fourth batch of Magic Bus training at Snehagram, conducted from December 1st to January 31st, commenced with participants acquainting themselves with mentors, rules, and foundational life skills. Transitioning to online sessions from December 5th, participants delved into various topics, including English proficiency with Mr. Alijaan and goal setting with Mr. Lazar. Emphasis was placed on practical job skills such as interview techniques and resume building. Following a refreshing Christmas break, participants resumed learning, including visits to the Magic Bus office for computer training and interview practice. Republic Day activities further enriched the educational experience. By February 1st, all participants secured jobs, underscoring the efficacy of the training. Overall, the program offered a dynamic blend of education, enjoyment, and workforce readiness.