Pongal Celebration


Pongal celebration

Pongal is a festival of peace, prosperity, and joy. It is a harvest festival, also known as the festival of farmers, as it emphasizes the importance of a good harvest season and natural resources. We have started cleaning and decorating our house. It is a festival that people enjoy to the fullest. Pongal is celebrated in southern India, mainly in Tamil Nadu. The Snehagram family was so excited about the festival that we prepared all the ingredients to cook Pongal (sweet rice). The students decorated the pot and prepared a stove by putting down 3 stones and decorating it with candy canes. After the blessing, we lit the fire and started to boil the water with the rice and when it bubbled over, we all shouted Pangaloo…Pangaloo… All the students began to jump and dance. When the rice was ready, we shared the cut sugar cane and enjoyed chewing the juice from it. Later we shared the sweet pongal, it was so delicious with so many crunchy nuts and grapes. As a family, we enjoyed the small celebration and made the most of the day.