Selco Team @Sngm


SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit social enterprise based in BangaloreIndia. SELCO has played an instrumental role in improving the living standards of poor households in rural India, especially in the state of Karnataka through solar energy-based interventions and low-smoke cook stoves.

The team visited Snehagram and inspected the area to intervene and support the electricity issue faced. We often have power failures due to unforeseen weather conditions. Fitting a solar-powered electrical system would save us from the troubles we currently face, this would help us in computer classes as we would have uninterrupted power. It will spare more time to study, especially in the evening hours. With the help of solar energy we can do all our activities without any disturbance, this will also save a lot of expenses by cutting down the electricity bills. The interaction with the SELCO team was very fruitful and the team was very happy to help us in setting up solar power for our use. This is really a breakthrough for one of our major issues and we look forward to your support and help.