Barbeque Time



In the morning, I got to know that in the evening we would have a  barbeque party.  My friends and I distributed the work so that all of us would be in charge of a specific task. Some took care of the barbeque, some took charge of preparing snacks and others made the soup with vegetables. We collected as many wood pieces as we could and then cleaned the grill.  We were all crowded near the barbeque, enjoying the smell and helping in roasting chicken. Then we started to prepare ourselves. In the evening we all gathered to start the barbecue. There were songs and we danced to the tunes.  I really loved the special salad made out of cabbage and carrot, which was very tasty. We cooked the meal without using gas. We prepared noodles, popcorn, soup, and chicken. We all ate together and had a very nice evening. This is really a good activity for us to promote friendship and to have a pleasant time together as a family. I think that is the reason we enjoyed the barbeque every year.