Positive Running Program Camp


Fitness training for runners is an initiative under the Impossible fellowship. It is a two-day program comprising various activities related to running.  In total 25 participants were selected from four institutions, namely, Snehasadaan, (Mangalore) Nava sanidhya  (Bijapur) Dayabhavan (Tumkur), and Christ Girls Home (Kolar), The training is facilitated by the mentors and fellows, all the activities undertaken are guided by a professional doctor and certified coaches. This program meets the following objectives.

  • Teach ways to keep oneself fit
  • Introduces strength and flexibility
  • Motivate to initiate running
  • Understand the basic theory of running and exercises
  • Make the aware positive impact of exercise on individuals
  • Create leaders to take lead in the running programs at respective institutions

Every participant is given an equal opportunity to build and enhance their skills in running and the exercise field. This will bring positive interaction and create a mutual bond between them which will enable better participation and commitment.  This training as mentioned above will build self-reliance and motivate others children to take on running and exercise as one of the means to keep healthy and happy.

Theory & Fun sessions

A few major topics covered are; the importance of water (specifically for runners), major muscles and their functions, the importance of emotion; especially being a leader, and the ways to tackle major body pains with strength and stretch. Along with the theory sessions, enough fun sessions were blended to keep them active and to create more room for independent and group learning.


I came here with a lot of confusion and wasn’t very clear if I would learn everything within three days. The trainer asked to be at at 6.00 am on the ground, I was happy as I made it in time on the first day. Simple warm stretches were introduced, and it was fairly easy to do. Later on, we explained the types of running and related sessions followed up. I was so happy to get time to sleep in the noon, but later on, realized the reason behind the rest because the following evening session was very intensive with different strength exercises. I barely was able to complete any, initially but with the repetition, I saw the progress. All three days had been really worthwhile with amazing sessions and training; I loved the music that was played while doing the workouts. Believe me, it is amazing to sleep after the workout as the whole body is relaxed and you are rejuvenated. I went with confusion but return with a lot of confidence and new learnings.