Visit of Zion Brethren Fellowship (ZBF)

Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. On December 4, we were lucky to have the members of Zion Brethren Fellowship who visited Snehagram to celebrate and share the joy of Christmas with us.  The members of Zion Brethren Fellowship were the first group of people in this Christmas season who came to celebrate Christmas with the students of Snehagram. They conducted some games and activities besides helping us with some Christmas songs for which they took time to teach us.  We were happy and excited about the activities and the singing sessions. They also had a music band which was really filled with vibrance and energy. As Christmas is the time of gifts, we were fortunate to receive gifts from them and we appreciated and thanked them for their goodwill.  All of us at Snehagram enjoyed the program. We had our lunch with them and after lunch, we took them around Snehagram for the campus tour.