Visit of Dr. Anitha and Dr. Arun

November 9 and 10 all the fellows and mentors of the fellowship program were here at Snehagram, it was a special meeting with our benefactors and supporters, as they were here to evaluate and support the “I’m possible” fellowship. We had Dr.Anitha, Dr.Arun, Dr.Astha khan from John Hopkins, and Ms. Paromita a photographer who was interested in the stories of the children.  The meeting focused on the four important topics such as health, education, livelihood, and sports. The meeting started off in a symbolic fashion by watering the plant which was followed by a small prayer led by Fr. Teji director of Snehagram. Thereafter each of the mentors explained their roles and the different pieces of training that they went through. The fellows shared their experiences during their placements and their roles at the institutions.  The question and answer session did enlighten and educate many of us and the doctors appreciated the efforts of the mentors and fellows. The doctors met a few of the mentors and fellows and there was a meaningful interaction between them. We were happy that the feedback we received was positive. This will help us reach out to many infected and affected children and support them in their health, education, and livelihood.

75 clients have been entrusted to us and we have to follow them every month. Another task in our hands was to select 25 leaders among the 75 clients and they would be given three clients who they have to follow every month based on the aspects of health, education, and livelihood.  This is one of the best peer-to-peer models that would help in reaching out to many and help them to lead a healthy and happy life.