Parliament Election and The Oath Taking Ceremony

Snehagram had its elections on 5 June 2021. This year due to the pandemic we did not have any overseers for organizing the election. Mentors and the senior students who are above 18 and not part of the child parliament helped in the process of elections. There were 4 nominees who stood up to be elected as Prime Ministers of Snehagram. All of them delivered inspiring speeches and requested votes and support for them. We did have the voting in the late afternoon. One has to have 60% of the votes to be elected as the prime minister. It was a close fight between the two nominees; Prashanth and Suhas and the two other nominees had very slim chances to win. Suhas won the election and was elected as the Prime Minister of Snehagram for the year 2021-22. Sahana is the deputy minister and Prashanth is the opposition minister. The following day after the Parliament election every elected member took the oath. Each Minister including the Prime minister took their pledge and swore in front of the community. Once the pledge was taken it was signed by the President (Fr. Teji the Director of Snehagram) and the prime minister. President then declared that the parliament started functioning. It was a joyful moment for all the ministers as they now have new roles and responsibilities to fulfill.