Trainees were taken through the basics of counselling by Rev. Fr. Johnson. Fellows were taught about what is counselling and other basics of counselling, the main focus was on the skills of a counsellor and how to build the skills. There were practical’s conducted amidst the group, the fellows were divided into two’s and were asked to play the role of a counsellor and counselee. This activity made the fellow understand the different roles and how to address a few of the problems. The trainees were trained on how to conduct counselling step by step. Here most of the fellows were interested and enthusiastic in the session, as it related to them much more personally and emotionally. Fellows were taught how to handle few issues, and how to maintain the ethics of the good counsellor in the session. The trainees were taken through some of the personality and behavioural issues faced by the clients and specially focused on some of the behavioural problems faced by the adolescents.