How running helps me

Running helps me by giving me good health. Running makes our body flexible. If we run, we increase our speed. Running makes our mind calm. If we run in the schools we will be selected to run for the championship. Running makes our lungs and breathing improves. If you are fat and start run regularly then you can reduce your weigat. If we run, we will get good health and we my maintain our health and body.Then we may not go to hospital more. So we started running on alternate days. It is very helpful for us.


It helps me to think of how people are and how they will behave. Running keep me healthy. It helps me to be confident and to encourage other people.

It helps me to be strong and wise. If we run daily we will not fall sick. It helps us to improve our running speed.It helps me to be confident and win and get prize. It helps us to contarol our anger.Then we will live happily.


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