New Year

First of all new year means we all begin new life. For new year they create lot of things. This new year, all over the world people will celebrate New Year. Before the day they prepare their hearts for people and for God because if they plan now they may do it according to that thought. In this world everyone looks to celebrate this new year celebration. If they did any bad things they will ask pardon then from new year onwards they will not repeat it.On new year they will share full joy and happiness. This our Fr. Mathew explained about.

Then, how I celebrated my new year is like this … On January 1st I wished my friends, then I prayed to God to forgive all my sins. Then we all organized the programme. We all invited our Fathers and Sistersfor this new year celebration. Some of us we did dange, we all sang songs, then we all cleaned all around our buildings and we all cleaned our heart too because we began new life for 2014. Then I was mingling with my friends and every one. We had 1 hour programme. Then we had lunch. Then we all together watched a nice movie about new year. At least we had a camp fire at night.

One thing I liked is we all were in unity for this event. Because of our unity and with our love and simple hearts, the programme went well.

Excerpted from essay by Mala