Bangalore Marathon

On the 16th of October, we participated in one of the biggest runs in Bangalore. The Bengaluru Marathon. After the committed training, 44 were selected for the 5km run, and every student was well prepared to give their best at the run. All rested well and got in the lines to kick-start the run with complete energy. The start was pretty smooth and indeed the weather had been very supportive all through the run, It was a very pleasant climate after the heavy rains the previous nights. Many of the students found their pacing or running buddy and continued to run along with them to the finish, as this will help them get a better pace and better timing. Everyone clocked amazing timing and the first Snehagram students clocked 20.12, this was very impressive and surely this is the result of good training. All the guys and girls continued to finish one after the other and put many an amazement with their performance. May said that it was very easy to run and hardly they felt it was a 5km. This keeps many encourage to take on running as a medium for good health and a happy mind. All were pleased to receive their finisher medal and finally return home after the delicious meal.